White Lady

White Lady

Transform your shadows into light and love
and claim your hidden potentials with White Lady

Embracing your dark side is easier said than done. Often your shadow aspects, your pain and trauma can be very strong… So that you don’t know how to integrate them and how to liberate yourself from the heaviness of your past.

But if you don’t face your own darkness, you cannot step into your full light.

Do you want to release your shadows – both from recent and from ancient times?
Do you yearn to transform the darkness into light and come home into the wholeness of who you truly are?
And are you ready to uncover your divine potential that’s hidden behind the shadows and bring it into the light?

Then I invite you to claim it now and experience my core competence White Lady.

Allow the light of the White Lady to guide you back home into wholeness, safety and your Divine power

Beneath your shadows, you will find your true self.

The powerful light of the White Lady allows you to uncover your beauty, your potential, your whole power that are currently obscured and hidden in the dark.

White Lady provides a safe and loving space for you where you can embrace your shadows without rejecting them, judging them or reliving the painful experiences of the past.

Instead, you’ll be able to integrate your dark side, finally make peace with it and transform it into pure light and love. You’ll detach from the emotion and come back into wholeness…. Where it’s safe for you to live your full potential with joy and express your Divine power in the present moment.

Are you ready to uncover your hidden potentials and come back into the purity of your great soul?

Transcend beyond your painful experiences
from this lifetime and from past lives

The white light of the White Lady is so powerful that it allows you to transform darkness and obstacles on your path into light and love. So that you can harness your hidden potentials and become visible for who you truly are… And shine in all your divine glory.

During this core competence, I will use the light of the White Lady to open up three energy fields for you:

1st field – Illuminate the darkness
In the first field, the white Light, illuminates your darkness and your shadows so that you can see them clearly and freely, without reliving negative emotions or painful experiences. In this first field, you will deeply understand what’s been holding you back and obscuring your true Divine nature and potentials, so that it can come to the surface and heal.

2nd field – Become visible for who you are
When you transcend beyond the shadow, you become visible in your true being. The darkness, the obstacles and the heaviness melt away. In this 2nd field, I will open a space out of rose quartz, in which darkness, shadows and self-hate can transform in a powerful, Divine fire of love. You will finally see who you truly are without your shadows and you’ll get clear instructions and guidance on how to heal and transform them once and for all.

3rd field – Come home to your origin
The 3rd field offers deep and powerful healing and takes you back to your origin. It can help you overcome even the darkest and heaviest emotions like depression and send healing impulses to every cell of your body. Through the White Light and the Rose Quartz Fire combined, I offer a deep healing that allows you to break through old structures and dissolve old patterns for good.

Are you ready to transcend your dark side and
become visible in all your Divine Glory?

Whether you want to release heavy emotions, break through old structures and obstacles, heal a health issue or want to be closer to God and surrender to yourself, the White Lady is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get there.

Transformation and healing can be quick and easy in the golden age.

Are you ready to discover who you truly are without the shadows?…
To uncover and claim your hidden potentials?
And to become free of past pain, trauma and old structures that keep you from showing up as your whole self?

Then experience my core competence White Lady now.

You can either book each of the 3 fields separately or choose to go through the whole process with me, depending on what you need.

Price: 1 field 1000Euro or 36.000NTD, 3 fields 2500Euro or 80.000NTD