The Origin of Tantra from Atlantis Times

Discover the Origin of Tantra from Atlantis Times and Re-Unite with the Divine Flow of Infinity

Are you longing to become one with the divine flow of all creation?
To let go of feelings of separation and step back into absolute unity and love?
To re-connect with your own paradise, the home of the universe, and invite this vibration back into your entire energy system?

Then I invite you to join me for 5 days of sacred immersion where we discover the origin of Tantra from Atlantis times and welcome God back into every day of our lives.

When you join me for this beautiful workshop, you will…

  • Remember your celestial home and origin, reconnecting to the divine flow of infinite creation
  • Resolve and heal old traumas throughout different life times that are blocking you from your natural connection to God
  • Rediscover your own divinity and align with your heavenly path
  • Reconnect to your roots of Atlantis and discover your divine expression for this life
  • Transform old experiences of the post-Atlantic times to come back into unity with the flow of the universe
  • And much more…

Tantra is the Knowledge of Life Flow and as Old as Life Itself

I am very thankful that my dear teacher Agni Eickermann passed on the Tantra workshop to me. During our 5-days I will use his teachings and my own gifts to support you with the connection of the divine flow of infinity and unity by allowing it to enter your whole energy system through the spine and meridians.

Tantra is the knowledge of life flow and as old as life itself. Agni had two major teaching periods of Tantra. One was in the early days of Atlantis, around 40,000 years ago, where we remembered our unity with the Divine but struggled with incorporating it in our human body.

The second teaching period was in a pre-vedic area about 6,000 years ago mostly in the region of Tibet and India. At his time Buddhas were still roaming Earth who remembered their unity with the divine and were interested in discovering how to reestablish the broken life flow.

Now we will be witnesses of the Atlantis Tantra streaming down from Heaven to Earth.
The Divine will unite with us in our daily life. Together, we will celebrate the end of separation.

Does your soul long to come back home and reconnect with the divine flow of infinite creation?

What Will You Experience During Our 5 Sacred Days?

Between the high time and lower of time of atlantis in the age of pisces (which just ended) and the other ages, we learned to feel separate from the divine.

This workshop is designed to help you overcome all blocks of separation and come back home into unity with God and your heavenly path.

Day 1
We will start by releasing the traumas of Atlantis times that keep you from being in oneness with the divine.
Today and tomorrow we want to release what is in our way to recognize our unity with the divine flow and begin to align your meridians and your energy system with the divine flow of creation.

Day 2
From our experience in-between Atlantis times and today, we have many misconceptions. Many people try to connect to their spiritual guides and either end up connecting to somebody else or not receiving not the right information because they can’t hear it. They can’t hear it or see it because they have a wrong connection based on misconceptions.

So on day 2, we will start off the morning by putting things back in place. This powerful process will take a bit, it might bring some tears for some of you, it might bring up old stories and things that need to be released will come to the surface.

This process might feel emotional but I guarantee you that in the end we will feel happy. Feel, more at ease and relieved.

Day 3
Day 3 is all about getting our bodies ready for being within infinity. Our bodies are not used to an infinite amount of energy flowing through it, so today we will prepare our physical vessels for this experience.

Our bodies have 12 main meridians that guide energy through our cells in our body. They start or end at the toes or fingers, and we will initiate every single one of those for to reconnect with the infinity energy flow of the divine.

Day 4
On day 4, we will align the energy flow of your chakras. While the meridians can take the energy, the chakras have to be aligned to the stronger flow in order for you to able to fully connect with the divine flow of infinite creation.

Day 5
Today we will explore why this flow of energy from Atlantis times comes back into our lives now?
During Atlantis times we used the energy flow to fulfill our purpose and now it comes back to our lives and wants to fulfill a purpose again.
After we’ve all experienced the flow of energy over the last 2 days, we are now going to look at what does it do for your life and what that purpose is.

We will integrate this new flow into our daily lives so that we don’t have to relive old, unwanted experiences. We close the doors to the old and move on to the new!

What Others Have Experienced During the Origins of Tantra Workshops

Are You Joining Us on Our Journey Back Home to the Divine?

There are several different times and location available around the globe. I would love to be your guide on this journey and welcome you in the locations and dates below to discover the origin of Tantra together.




Your investment: 109.000 NTD

It’s time that we step out of the illusion of separation and celebrate a new beginning in perfect connection and flow with the infinite divine.

Reserve your spot for the workshop below and join us on this transformative journey:

Please know that this workshop is not related to any sexual activity and we will be fully clothed during the entire experience.