Do you long to express your heavenly potential on earth and become one with your divine nature?

Then you’ve come to the perfect place.

I am Sun Ya.

A visionary. Healer. Teacher. Friend. Coach. Nature-lover. And the founder of AKASHA SACRED.

I am your guide to become one with the divine flow of all creation.
I help you heal old traumas throughout different life times that are blocking you from your natural connection to God.
And I support you so that you can live your full divine potential here in this lifetime.

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Transform your life through my core competencies

Through my 6 different core competencies that my teacher Agni has activated within me, I am able to deeply transform your life.

Whether you want to come home into the wholeness of who you truly are, release your shadows (both from ancient and recent times), bring your unique potential and divine gifts from heaven down to earth and more – I am here to support you.

Discover which core competency is right for you and learn more about how you can work with me here:

I invite you to discover your unique Diamond Path

Throughout a whole year, you will receive 12 powerful initiations from me, guiding you home to yourself, your leadership and your divine potential – without being sidetracked.

I will collect 12 completely individual diamonds for you, gathered directly from the Lotus throne. Each diamond embodies different aspects of your leadership qualities that support you in achieving your goals faster and with joy and ease.

You will receive clarity on your path so that you can live your full potential and shine your true light in all its beauty and radiance…

Get personal coaching and guidance from Sun Ya

My coaching connects you with your divine nature and brings you back into heavenly flow.

Whether you have questions about your relationship (with yourself, with others and the Divine), whether you’re longing for more purpose and meaning in your life or you have other questions that you want guidance on, I am here for you.

Allow me to help you remember your own true beauty, your own heart and your sacred path in life.