About Sun Ya

Do you long to connect with your true, divine self?
Does your soul call for deep healing and awakening?
And do you want to discover and express
your heavenly nature on earth?

Then take my hand and allow me to guide you on your path.

I am Sun Ya.

A visionary. Healer. Teacher. Friend. Coach. Nature-lover. And the founder of AKASHA SACRED.

If you want to become one with the divine flow of all creation…

If you’d like to heal old traumas throughout different life times that are blocking you from your natural connection to God…

How I provide loving guidance for you on your path

Through my coaching and one-on-one work, I help connect you with your divine nature and bring you back into heavenly flow.

Together, we will remember your own divinity, your heart and your sacred path in life.

From deep trauma release and past life work to holistic healing of your path’s of incarnation, stepping into your full potential and discovering your deeper purpose in this lifetime…

I am here to support you with guidance and to shine a light on your path.

I will use all my gifts and methods to help you align with your highest potential, find clarity and fully express your divine nature on earth.

Are you curious?

You can go here to learn more about my coaching and how I can best support you.

And fully live your potential here in this lifetime…

Then I would be honored to support you on this journey!

My own path of healing and expansion

As a spiritual seeker and world traveler, my soul’s path has taken me all over the world — North America, Europe, and Asia…

And when I first came to Taiwan in 2003, I felt that it was my heart’s home.

I took a big leap and decided to leave Germany – my birth country – to follow my heart and move to the land of the lotus, symbol of purity and beauty. I have now lived in Taiwan since 2004 and have been able to build a strong, wonderful community of over 2,000 people there as a spiritual leader.

My students come from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and all corners of the world to join my seminars and retreats… And I couldn’t be more grateful for this.

Since 2014 I have been training spiritual teachers to support my vision of spreading healing and love and reawakening people to their own divinity all across the world.

My work evolves alongside my spiritual path…

And I’m deeply grateful and excited that our paths have crossed.