Diamond Path

Claim your divine leadership and
live your fullest potential
by embarking on your Diamond Path with Sun Ya

Are you ready to emerge from the shadows and shine the unique light of your soul onto the world?
To arrive at the highest level of leadership and service by becoming one with the divine Mother?
And to stand firm in your deepest power and beauty as you inspire others by sharing your one-of-a-kind gifts?

Then I invite you to discover your Diamont Path.

Throughout 3 months, you will receive 12 powerful initiations from me, guiding you home to yourself, your leadership and your divine potential – without being sidetracked.

I will collect 12 completely individual diamonds for you, gathered directly from the Lotus throne.

Each diamond embodies different aspects of your leadership qualities that support you in achieving your goals faster and with joy and ease. You will receive clarity on your path so that you can live your full potential and shine your true light in all its beauty and radiance…

And the more you align with your innate power, the more you are able to come into service and use your unique gifts to light up the world.

There is no other Diamond Path like yours

Your Diamond Path is one of a kind and completely tailored to your essence, your unique gifts and your soul evolution.

I will use my own gifts and my 6 core competencies to guide you and support you in living your full potential on earth.

During our 12 individual one-on-one coaching sessions, we will awaken and strengthen your highest leadership qualities and you can begin to use them to achieve all your goals and work with your own clients as well.

Your path will be clear, you will be focused and centered in your own divine love and feel certain about the steps you need to take.

Are you ready to discover your unique path and embody your highest leadership qualities?

Discover the beauty, power and magic
of the Diamond Path

Over the course of 3 months together, you will receive 12 one-on-one coachings with me where you will receive 12 initiations and my 6 core competencies:


White Lady
Release your shadows (both from ancient and recent times), let go of your mask and come home into the wholeness of who you truly are. You will uncover the hidden potentials behind your shadows and bring them forth into the light and the present moment. Through this core competence, I will help you transform darkness and obstacles on your path into light and love so that you can harness your hidden potentials and become visible for who you truly are… And in all your divine glory.


Star Blossom
I will give you a starlight reading to help you bring your unique potential and divine gifts from heaven down to earth. You will rediscover the essence of your soul and align with your own divinity. You will receive your own personal mudra that connects you to your starry home and helps you embody it here on earth…. And your individual mantra that allows you to integrate it into your consciousness of your soul. These are completely unique gifts tailored to your individual qualities and you can begin to work with them with your clients right away.


Become whole, stable and learn to fully trust in yourself. You will become one with the Lotus throne and discover how to feel rooted in security and protection. Whatever may occur in the outer world, you will be able to handle it with more grace and stand more firm than you would otherwise. Untouchable will help your emotional body and light body to remain connected to heaven and pure love. We will mend even the smallest cracks in your aura, so that fears, lower energies and old patterns cannot enter or touch you anymore. You will feel stronger and more connected than ever before.


Forever Young
Liberate your eternal soul from the limitations and illusion of age. Can you feel the youthful impulses inside of you? Can you connect to the timeless beauty within your heart? These things can NEVER be lost because your soul is eternal and ageless. But these things can easily be forgotten in our modern day world. My Core Competency Forever Young allows you to bring back youthfulness into your body and your aura… So that you can remember the eternal aliveness of your beautiful soul and enter the kingdom of heaven on earth.


Heart Shift
Align your thoughts, your vision and your relationships with pure love and your new heart. Imagine how your life would change if all your thoughts were suddenly aligned with pure love? If every thought that came into your mind was filtered by your new heart? You would feel so relieved, at peace and immersed in divine love. Imagine how your vision would evolve if you were able to look at the world through a lens of clarity, love and healthy detachment? The negativity wouldn’t affect you anymore as you stand protected by your soul’s essence and the power of the Lotus.

Truly You

Truly You
Be reborn as your True Self to stand in all your divine power in the Golden Age. My core competence Truly You deeply connects you to the divine, to the rule of God, so that you will always feel nourished, no matter what’s going on in your life. Once you’re connected to this eternal stream of love, power and wholeness, you’ll never have to be afraid that you won’t be nourished. You’ll find your place in this life and on earth, liberated from past experiences that might have limited you or kept you disconnected from your leadership and power. You will remember where your place is, your place in this time and in the Golden Age.

Inspire and touch the world with the unique light of your soul

Just like the Lotus flower who rises steadily and breaks through the mud to gift the world with her beauty and essence, you will be able to rise as well.

If you feel that it’s time in your life to stop getting sidetracked, to move forward and rise with precision and clarity so that you can come into your divine leadership and live your fullest potential on earth…

Then the Diamond Path awaits you.

I invite you to stand tall in all your love, power and beauty – just like a Lotus. And it would be my deepest honor and joy to guide you.

Here is what you will get on your Diamond Path
with Sun Ya

  • 12 sacred initiations – the unique Diamonds I will collect for you
  • 12 one-on-one coaching sessions (in 3 months)
  • 3 individual readings to help you come into your leadership and be visible
  • All the benefits of my 6 core competencies that I will use to give you clear guidance on your path
  • Completely individual coaching and support tailored to your soul essence and your personal needs, delivered directly to your from the Lotus throne
  • The ability to use all your potentials with your own clients and in groups right away
  • Plus all my other gifts that I can utilize to support you on your individual Diamond Path

Your investment for the Diamond Path:
The New Year’s special offer is priced at USD 23,000 (original price USD 26,000) till end of Jan 2024. There are only 4 spots available.

Are you ready to say yes to living your full potential and claiming your divine leadership qualities to share them with the world?

Then book your FREE discovery call with Sun Ya below and we will take you through the next steps:

(Please note that this is a 3 months long program where you’ll receive personal attention from Sun Ya each and every month and individual in-depth support on your journey. Your investment for the Diamond Path is 23.000USD, so we kindly ask that you only apply for a call if you are able and willing to invest in yourself at this level. Thank you)