Star Blossom

Star Blossom

Connect to your starlight home and discover your origin in the Universe with Sun Ya

Do you wonder where you come from and what divine gifts your soul brings to earth?
Do you long to connect your starlight home and your origin in the Universe?
Do you want to be initiated so you can fully embody your light and your essence?

Then it’s time for you to connect you to your starlight home!

Through the purity of my lotus I receive your starlight home. The Night Sky becomes the Day Sky full of shiny stars.

During our one-on-one reading I will receive your origin in the stars so that you can rediscover the essence of your soul and align with your own divinity.

You will gently be guided home and learn how to bring your own abilities down to earth.

Here is what you will get in your
Core Competence reading with Sun Ya:

  • Reading of your individual starry home and origin in the Universe to discover your divine essence
  • Your personal mudra that deeply connects you to your starry home
  • Your personal mantra to integrate it into the consciousness of your soul
  • Your individual starlight essence shipped to your door so that you can tune into your starry home
  • Individual healing tools
  • Your potentials that you can begin to use immediately and share with others during evening seminars or in individual sessions to support them as well

Once you have reconnected to your starlight home, the stars will accompany and support you in your daily life.

Welcome to your origin, your wholeness, your soul.

Your personal mudra connects you to your starry home and helps you embody it here on earth. Your individual mantra allows you to integrate it into your consciousness of your soul…. And you can use your mudra and mantra together to deepen the connection to your home and feel more and more strengthened.

You can immediately begin to share your potential and your competence in your work with others, bringing more light and consciousness to the world.

Plus, you will get your individual starlight essence made out of essential oils from the finest plants and flowers. I will ship the essence straight to your doorstep so that you can use it to support you in every step on the way and fully tune in into your starry home.

Is it time for you to welcome and embrace your sacred starry home here on earth?

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