Forever Young

Forever Young

Integrate the golden fountain of youth into your soul and be FOREVER YOUNG

The Fountain of Youth is not just a mythological concept…. It actually allows your cells to remember what youth is and what it feels like to embody pure joy, light and aliveness.

Would you like to experience it for yourself?

Then I invite you to join me for my newest Core Competency: Forever Young.

Together, I’ll shower your aura with beautiful flowers that bring back youthfulness, radiance and childlike light-heartedness that you might have forgotten by now.

You’ll be able to let go of stuckness, heaviness and hardened layers of energy that keep you trapped in patterns, limiting belief systems and old structures… And that you’ll hand down to generation after generation unless you choose to step into the light and clear them now.

Liberate your eternal soul from the limitations and illusion of age

Can you feel the youthful impulses inside of you? Can you connect to the timeless beauty within your heart?

These things can NEVER be lost because your soul is eternal and ageless.
But these things can easily be forgotten in our modern day world.

Jesus said “unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”.

My Core Competency Forever Young allows you to bring back youthfulness into your body and your aura… So that you can remember the eternal aliveness of your beautiful soul and enter the kingdom of heaven on earth.

I am here to guide and support you on this path.

Receive radiant youth at a cellular level through white and golden light

Forever Young allows you to be replenished and rejuvenated by the white and golden light of the Fountain of Youth.

This is a profoundly healing process that will flood your aura and your cellular system with sacred, divine love and bring you back home into radiance, joy and light-hearted youthful energies.

Imagine having your soul and every single cell of your body cleansed by white and golden light and forming an unbreakable bond with your eternal, ageless soul.

This is who you are. You are a timeless, eternal being.

Discover the 5 steps I will guide you through during my Forever Young Core Competency:

STEP 1 – Rediscover the joy of your own youth
Just like a flower girl would scatter beautiful flower petals during a wedding, I will shower your aura and your entire system with the eternal beauty of flowers.

This will bring back a childlike sense of joy, openness and light-heartedness and remind you that – despite outer illusions – YOU are still young. Everything inside of you receives permission to feel young, you get to meet yourself on a much deeper level and release limiting patterns you’ve picked up on your life path.

STEP 2 – Open the book of eternity
I receive a book of eternity and from Sai Baba that contains wisdom about your youth, your Forever Young. The book will open for you and this wisdom of your own youth will flow through your entire system like a radiant stream. It will spread through your aura and every single cell of your body, connecting you to the eternal quality of your ageless soul and allowing you to embody the sense of being forever young.

STEP 3 – Receive the white and golden light
Receive the white and golden streams of light that flow towards you from the Fountain of Youth. Allow the light to reactivate your youth on a cellular level and remind your cells of the powerful qualities of your youth. You will experience deep and profound impulses that renew your cells and your body and restore your youth beyond what you thought was possible.

STEP 4 – Cleanse your entire being
I will channel the white and golden light from the Fountain of Youth and use it to clear your astral body. This will release hardened energy and blockages and bring you back into flow, softness and radiant youthfulness. I will then clean your emotional body to resensitize it to the impulses of your physical body. You will feel the border between your physical and emotional body melt away, experience your childlike impulses more deeply and finally feel connected to the truth about why you’re here. You will remember your mission on Earth clearly and will feel ready and supported to bring it to life.

STEP 5 – You are connected to your Fountain of Youth
I will hold your head energetically to clear old and genetic structures that keep you locked in the illusion of being “old”. We will reverse these false beliefs and replace them with the eternal truth of your soul: You are young!
I will connect you to the Fountain of Youth so that you can shine in your full glory and center yourself in your own radiance and joy. This profound healing process is accompanied by an indescribable, divine love that will course through your whole being.

Are you ready to claim your youthfulness and embody the truth of your eternal, ageless soul here on earth?

Now that the Golden Age is here, I have received this Core Competency and I am honored to guide you and support you to be Forever Young.

Are you ready? Do you feel the calling to restore every single cell of your body and connect to the Fountain of Youth?

Then join me for Forever Young now.

For the first 20 of you to receive the gift of Forever Young, the price will be only € 1.000,- for one session.

After that the price will go up, so if you’re ready then click the button below and book in your session time with me right away.

I can’t wait to share this powerful new Core Competency with you.