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Spiritual Master, Founder of Tara Lotus Yoga & Akasha Natural Cosmetics


Do you want to discover and develop your true potential?
Do you wish for a harmonious, nourishing everyday life?
Do you want to have more happiness, peace and love in your relationships?


Discover what you can accomplish with your chakras!

  • Raise your energy level.
  • Create a fulfilling everyday life, consciously and creatively.
  • Increase your well-being, physically and mentally.
  • Let joy fill you in the things you do.
  • Experience fulfilling, happy relationships.
  • Be grounded and centered in yourself.
  • Deepen your love for yourself.
  • Deepen trust in your inner voice.
  • Strengthen the connection to your divine self.

For an overall happy life!


What are Chakras?

Chakras are the subtle energy centers of the body.

They receive light and chi from the outside and channel it into the body.

They are in contact with the organs and especially the glands of the body.


Why Healing Journey?

Through your chakras you influence your physical and mental development, your ability to love, your strength, your vitality, your energy level, your happiness and your connection to your divine self.

On a physical level, the chakras have a special influence on the glandular system, which in turn has a great influence on all physical processes and feelings. Through Sun Ya’s Chakra Healing Journey, new balance is created within and without, and the energy flow in your body harmonizes into a force that strengthens and draws you closer.

You raise your quality of life to a new level!


What happens in Chakra Healing Journey?

It is an arrival within you.

An arrival in life on earth.

An arrival of your soul in your body.

You can feel your chakras as you have never felt them before.

Deep in contact with the qualities of your chakras, you can let go of a lot of old burdens, release blockages and come into a relaxation that releases pure love and peace.

Through guided meditations and energy work, combined with the energy of Akasha Flower Essences and Chakra Oils which Sun Ya will use in between, you can consciously experience how a harmonious energy flow in your body becomes more and more stable. Your activities will come more and more in harmony with your very own potential. You will realize the possibilities that lie in working with your chakras to consciously create your everyday life.

Energy that you were not aware of before will be released.

You begin to shine like never before!



This is independent of where you are on the path of your personal development and self-development. Even if you have been practicing meditation or yoga for a long time, and reflect intensely – when you turn to your chakras, it is always a unique enrichment every time.


Who is the Chakra Healing Journey for?

If you love to work on yourself and develop.

If you want to support your children or other family members in their development.

If you want to work more effectively in your business life.

If you work with clients and want to educate yourself in chakra work.

To experience spirituality as a natural part of your life and everyday life.


Webinar 1
Root Chakra: Tuesday Aug 15th, 8:30-9:15 pm

Webinar 2
Sacral Chakra: Friday Aug 18th, 8:30-9:15 pm

Webinar 3
Solarplexus Chakra: Tuesday Aug 22nd, 8:30-9:15 pm

Webinar 4
Heart Chakra: Friday Aug 25th, 8:30-9:15 pm

Webinar 5
Throat Chakra: Tuesday Aug 29th, 8:30-9:15 pm

Webinar 6
Forehead Chakra: Friday Sept 1st, 8:30-9:15 pm

Webinar 7
Crown Chakra: Wednesday Sept 6th, 8:30-9:30 pm

Always 8:30-9:15 pm – except the last webinar: 8:30-9:30 pm

including time for your questions


Language: English (Sun Ya) with provided Chinese translation

There will be specific topics for each webinar/ chakra that we will publish shortly before each event by Email and posted on our exclusive “Chakra Healing Journey” Facebook Group.

The Webinars will take place with Zoom. You won’t be visible, you can join from wherever you are, totally relaxed and easy.



There will be no recordings available, which makes it only possible to join live!
(We will record the webinars only for internal usage.)

Join only one webinar, or pick those you are interested in or join all of the seven events!

Who is Sun Ya?

Sun Ya’s mission is to remind people of their divine origin and to awaken the awareness of their very own power and beauty.

Sun Ya – born in Germany and now living in Taiwan and Santa Fe, USA – is a spiritual master, trainer, life-coach and founder of the Akasha Academy and Akasha Natural Cosmetics. Through her own spiritual path she re-established her deep connection to the lotus worlds and the Divine Mother, as well as her ability to guide people into a deep connection with their chakras.

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“The Chakra Healing Journey activates your inner rainbow.
When your inner rainbow shines, you shine!
I look forward to meeting you and experiencing you in your radiance!”
Sun Ya


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Akasha Essences Coach of the Golden Age

The 49 Flower Essences are mediators between man and nature. They awaken the inner glow and support to blossom, just like a flower, and to develop your full potential. They are assigned to the chakras, stimulate and address all systems (such as light bodies, meridian system, blood system and hormonal system), and harmonize the energy flow in the body.

With the Akasha Flower Essences Coach training you learn how to use the essences in a solution-oriented way for others and yourself. After the training you will be able to give workshops with the flower essences in your own creative way, beside deeply transformative consultations.