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Sacred Beauty Healer


The Sacred Beauty Healer Training is an initiation, for 16 special women, in the beauty of the soul.

This all-inclusive, 11-day training for professional healers, or healers at heart, is also a retreat, located at an exquisite luxury resort hidden away on the north coast of Bali. Days are carefully planned so participants can relax, restore, and indulge in the powerful tranquility of Sacred Beauty.

Led by Sun Ya Fischer, and guided by the Divine Mother and Quan Yin, this training introduces you to the Sacred Beauty Lotus and Beauty Oils—immersing you in the temple of beauty. After the training you will feel confident in recreating your experience at home, and you will be certified to offer powerful and effective Sacred Beauty rituals to your private clients or groups.

Yoga Lotus Tantra
& 21 Taras with the sound of the planets


A new school of Yoga for the Golden Age

How would you imagine a Yogini of our times? Yoga Lotus Tantra is dedicated to this question. She is free, she is connected to her own flow of life, she knows herself and her mysteries.

Yoga Lotus Tantra is a new and distinct approach to Yoga. It is born from the female stream of creation. It is born for these special times under the star of the rising energies of Shakti.

Bringing this new knowledge into the world, YLT founder Sun Ya Fischer is a spiritual teacher and deeply connected to the tradition of Yoga.

The Origin of Tantra from Atlantis Times


Discover the Origin of Tantra from Atlantis Times and Re-Unite with the Divine Flow of Infinity

Are you longing to become one with the divine flow of all creation?
To let go of feelings of separation and step back into absolute unity and love?
To re-connect with your own paradise, the home of the universe, and invite this vibration back into your entire energy system?

Then I invite you to join me for 5 days of sacred immersion in France where we discover the origin of Tantra from Atlantis times and welcome God back into every day of our lives.

When you join me for this beautiful workshop, you will…