Become Untouchable and stay centered in love and wholeness
– no matter what’s going in the outside world

Did you know that experiences from this lifetime and past lives leave cracks in your emotional body and your aura?

These cracks in your lightbody allow outer events or circumstances to touch you deeply, cause you tremendous pain and throw you out of balance.

You lose connection with yourself and the Divine… You feel small, overly sensitive and unstable.

But this is not the real you. Because your soul, your sacred essence is always stable, powerful and connected to Divine love.

Are you ready to come back to the real you? I am here to help you heal the cracks, so that you can stay centered in love, wholeness and your power, no matter what’s going on around you and in the world.

Stand firm and radiate the unique, unshakeable light of your soul

In my core competence Untouchable, I help you heal and seal the cracks in your lightbody, so that…

  • Outer influences and circumstances cannot bring you down or throw you off balance
  • You can remain at peace and connected to your power, no matter what
  • Heavy emotions don’t disconnect you from yourself or the divine any longer
  • Negative experiences from the past can heal and can’t cause any more pain in the future
  • Can stay centered in love and connected to the untouchable light of your soul
  • No longer have to keep yourself small and unseen but can be who you are and always stay true to your essence
  • And more

Allow the qualities of the Lotus to remind you who you truly are

The core competence Untouchable comes from the Lotus heaven and is here to remind you of your true divine nature – your unshakeable, eternal soul.

The Lotus protects, guards and is always centered in pure love…

And this is what I am going to help you achieve and remember for this lifetime, here on planet Earth.

So if you want to be seen for who you are…. If you crave more stability and to feel connected to your peace and power…. And you long to be a beacon of light, no matter what is going on around you and in the world…

Then allow me to help you become Untouchable, now.

Price: 1000Euro or 36.000NTD until the end of the year

The entire Core Competence reading will take place online and you can do it from anywhere in the world!