Heart Shift

Heart Shift

Shift your heart, heal old wounds at a soul level and become one with divine love

Are you ready to let go of negative emotion and replace it with divine love from the Lotus Heavens?

Do you want to radiate the light of your heart’s essence in all its purity and beauty?

Do you long to become unaffected by old experiences and expand your soul on earth, so that nothing but love can reside in your heart space?

Then it’s time to shift your heart!

I will guide you through my core competency Heart Shift to help you transcend beyond your “earthly heart” and shift into becoming one with divine love…

So that you can express your sacred being in this new time on earth.

Allow the powerful White Lotus to radiate its love permanently into your heart

With my core competency Heart Shift I will place a powerful white Lotus in front of your Heart.

The Lotus energy will take your “earthly heart” that has gone through thousands of years of experience, has been deeply wounded and has stored centuries of negative emotions…

And shift it into a new heart that is a container only for pure divine love.

Old wounds will be healed by your own soul love.

Negativity, pain, anger and hurt no longer have space in your heart.

And your own soul heart can finally show up in its pure essence and beauty.

Align your thoughts, your vision and your relationships
with pure love and your new heart

Imagine how your life would change if all your thoughts were suddenly aligned with pure love? If every thought that came into your mind was filtered by your new heart?

You would feel so relieved, at peace and immersed in divine love.

Imagine how your vision would evolve if you were able to look at the world through a lens of clarity, love and healthy detachment?

The negativity wouldn’t affect you anymore as you stand protected by your soul’s essence and the power of the Lotus.

And finally, imagine how your relationships would transform if the negative aspects couldn’t touch you and affect you anymore?

You would suddenly see, value and honor the positive so much more as the Lotus energy purifies the negative aspects like past wounds and pain…. and transforms them into pure, divine love.

If you want to experience these most powerful and profound shifts in your own life, then my core competency Heart Shift is perfect for you.

Are you ready for your new heart and to radiate pure, divine love?

Then book your session with Sun Ya now:

I enter a new space and become love.
There are no more boundaries.
Not even from my surroundings.

Everything flows in a Lotus Grace river it’s own way.
No right or wrong!
It is creation that happens, that flows down in every moment.

Beyond all dreams time and space it is only love that exists.
Unity is created.
My self-image changes.

A client wrote to me when she came in touch with my Core competence, HEART SHIFT